Sunday, May 31, 2015

M3U Generator - Simple Java application for creating a m3u playlist file for folders

A simple Java application for creating a m3u playlist file for a folder and its subfolders. It's very simple to use.

1. Open jar file (Windows OS and JRE installation required).

2. Click "Select folder" and select the folder that contains media files (audio and video).

3. Click "Save to" and select the folder you wish to save m3u file to (default is the source folder).

4. Select generating option:
a. Folder only: only scan current selecting folder.
b. All subfolders: scan current selecting folder and all subfolders.
c. Sort all files by name: sort all files by name regardless of their path.
d. Sort by folder then name: sort files by name for every folder.

5. Click "Start". Wait until "Finished!" message is showed in log view.

6. M3U file is created in selected folder.

Download link: M3UGenerator


  1. Sort me out with this code! Please.

    1. I'm sorry, I lost the source code because of disk re-formatting :(.